This week in March 2023

Colescott makes his NYC circus debut!

A.J. is in Morocco!

The Rubin Brothers Brass Band performs its first show ever…and it’s in a STADIUM on TV!

So many exciting things happening right now, it’s almost hard to keep up!

A.J. started a klezmer band in Spain that has been performing at the Berklee campus in Valencia, where he’s studying abroad(or maybe more than one). He’s been studying Spanish language, culture, history, and music, traveling around Spain and all over Europe. He recently visited Barcelona & Berlin, and is currently en route to Casablanca. What a life!

Colescott is premiering his unicycling-with-large-instruments act with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Open Stage variety show at the Voorhees Theater 7:30pm on Tuesday 3/14 in Brooklyn, NYC! He’s also been training up the all star Rubin Bros Brass Band, a group of 8 musicians performing lively danceable pop music from myriad eras from the 1950s to 2000s! They make their debut Saturday 3/11 at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium in Quincy, MA for the New England Free Jacks rugby team!

Youngest Rubins Avi & Charlie have just completed their Western US road trip, during which they juggled snowballs at the Grand Canyon, visited the Very Large Array (of satellite dishes), and traced their way both down the Pacific coast and up the Rockies!

Many adventures to come…Thanks for all your support folks!

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