This week in April 2023

WOW! What a whirlwind of excitement!

The Rubin Bros Brass Band has been taking the New England Rugby scene by storm, playing half-time shows at every Free Jacks game, building a dedicated fan base and super funky repertoire of music for boogying! This month they had a fantastic music video recording session at one of the top studios at Berklee College of Music, so stay tuned and subscribe to the Rubin Bros Youtube Channel for when it drops! Colescott’s NYC circus performance went fabulously, and he is excited to return to Bindlestiff Cirkus again soon!

A.J. had a wonderful time riding a camel while wearing a fez in Morocco (check out his Instagram for pictures), where he also bought a lutelele(a miniature lute, crossed with a ukulele) and he’s now back in Valencia, Spain, practicing on his new Spanish made guitar and working with Colescott remotely on…


Co-produced by A.J. & Colescott, one side is the Rubin Bros Quartet, recorded while on tour in San Diego, CA, and the other side is Colescott & His Red Hots, featuring Grammy winners Catherine Russell & Tivon Pennicott, recorded in Brooklyn, NY on all pre-1930 recording equipment! It’s gonna be a doozy of a first release, with great music for listening, dancing, toe-tapping, and of course, laughing! Stay tuned and join our mailing list (button below) to find out about release dates and our crowd funding campaign!

Meanwhile, Avi & Charlie have now been added to the “About The Brothers” page, so you can find out more about them there! Avi has been working on college applications, SAT prep, and he got an Oregon drivers license! Congrats, Avi! Charlie has been drawing and creating all kinds of fascinating additions to his art portfolio, which you can check out on his Facebook page. Lots of creative stuff with the Rubin Bros as always, and it’s not stopping here!

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